Brian Bushweller, State Senator

17th District of Delaware

May, 2017

Check Out Kent County Arts and Culture

            Every spring, I am reminded that we have lots and lots of great activities to do right here in Kent County.  Kids, adults, seniors and everybody else can find music, art, crafts, theatre museums, festivals and a nearly unlimited variety of other opportunities to enrich and invigorate our lives.

Here is just a sampling of the possibilities:

  1. Dover Days.  One of the real highlights of Delaware’s celebration of our historic heritage.  Every year on the first full weekend in May (this year – May 5 and 6).
  2. Arts, music, dancing, history, BIG parade.  Downtown Dover on the Mall and the Green.
  3. Positively Dover.  One of the largest ethnic festivals in Delaware, the Positively Dover African American Festival features all things African, and African American, from music to dress to food.  Legislative Mall in Dover.  Always the last Saturday in June (this year – June 24).
  4. AMC Museum.  Among the biggest tourist attractions in Delaware, the AMC Museum annually draws in excess of 100,000 people.  Southern end of Dover Air Force Base.  US Air Force planes of all kinds, most fully open for tours, including Air Force 2 which served Vice Presidents of the United States.
  5. Biggs Museum of American Art.  Recognized as a leading museum of fine and decorative arts of Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic region and the Nation, from 1700 to the present.  Legislative Mall in Dover.
  6. Kent County Theatre Guild.  E. Roosevelt Avenue in Dover. Local productions that rival the big city.  For example, “Over the River and Through the Woods” in June.
  7. First State Heritage Park.  A “park without boundaries” guiding visitors to many of Kent County’s historical attractions including the Old State House, Woodburn, the John Bull House and lots more.  My favorite:  warm weather, nighttime candlelight tours.  Memorable.  Park office: 102 S. State St., Dover (the ”Rose Cottage”).
  8. Dover Public Library.  Yes, the Library!  This state-of-the-art facility has tons of books and periodicals but also offers many other opportunities including movies, lectures, discussions, music and more.  A real asset for Kent County.
  9. The Schwartz Center for the Arts.  Downtown Dover.  Musical and dramatic offerings to interest just about everyone.  Including nationally known song writers Doug James and Craig Biskhardt along with local hit Sol Knopf in concert on May 12.

This is just a sampling.  Check out local sources, including the Delaware State News, especially on weekends, for other events and opportunities.  You can also find a treasure trove of information on things to do by going to  This is the website of Kent County Tourism.  It’s their job to keep you informed of recreational and cultural activities here in Kent County.  You’ll find everything from NASCAR to Firefly to wine and beer festivals to bike tours and everything in between.

Another great source is  This is the website of the State of Delaware’s Tourism Office.  It’s chock full of ideas from all over the State.

Have fun!!