Brian Bushweller, State Senator

17th District of Delaware

September, 2016

Primary Day Parties or Kentucky Fried Chicken?  An easy choice.

            On Primary Day this year – September 13 – my wife Rocky and I will spend much of the day doing what we usually do on any election day.  We will campaign for our chosen candidates at polling places around central Kent County.  We will greet voters in hopes we might swing a little extra, last minute support toward our favorites.

But after the polls close this year, we will not do as we usually do.  Usually, we go to one or more campaign headquarters and wait for the results to come in, ready to either celebrate our victories or commiserate our losses.

Not this year.  This year will be different.  Instead of going to the campaign parties, we will have dinner at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just the two of us.  My wife will have the original; I’ll have the extra crispy.

Primary day parties or KFC?  For us, the choice is easy because fifty years earlier – on September 13, 1966 – Rocky and I became husband and wife.  And, as we headed toward the Thousand Islands on our honeymoon we had our first dinner as a married couple at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Binghamton, New York.

KFC got us off to a good start on our first 50 and we figure it will do the same for our second.

(Of course, Rocky did not prepare that meal, Colonel Sanders did.  But many years later, after our kids were grown, she noted one day that she had, by then, prepared 229,321 meals for me, our five kids and herself.  She said she was finished.  Luckily, she would later relent and her total continues to climb.)

I know some readers may think the other choice we will make that day – that we will spend the bulk of the day campaigning rather than celebrating our anniversary – suggests we have our priorities out of whack.  The fact is, though, that in August we had a wonderful celebration at a lakeside house in Maine.  We did it a month before our actual anniversary so the entire family could be there, including all the grandkids, who were still on summer vacation.

We had the whole gang there:  our own five, their spouses and significant others and all ten grandkids.

It was a memorable week, one we will cherish forever.  Maybe the most fun moment came when Rocky and I were told there was someone at the front door asking for us.  When we opened the door, we encountered a life size, cardboard, cut–out photograph of the two of us from our wedding day.  Standing there in front of us was … well … us, from fifty years earlier.  It took us (and them, too, I suppose) a moment to get over us.

Back home, we decided to put the life size “us” in our living room until our – and their – actual anniversary date.  Then, who knows where we – or they – will go.  In the meantime, though, they cannot sit down – their picture was taken while we were standing – so sometimes we just sit there watching us stand there and other times we just stand there watching us sit there.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, you can help us celebrate our 50th.  Remember to vote on September 13!